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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or make a purchase from us and explains our responsibility to you about the different types of personal data we collate when you make contact, shop or browse with us. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy with regards to your personal information, please contact us at

1. What information do we collect?

The personal information that we collect depends on the context of your interactions with us and our website, the choices you make and the products and features you use. The personal information we collect may include but is not limited to the following:


  • Title, name and surname, date of birth/age, gender and other relevant demographic information 

  • Contact details including postal address including billing and delivery addresses, email address and telephone numbers

  •  Purchase and order information

  • Interactions with us and/or visits to the website

  • Your communication and marketing preferences

  • Any other publicly available data which has been shared via a public platform

  • Information from cookies, including information on the devices you may use to make a purchase

We collect your information in the following circumstances:


  • When you register to or use our website and Journal newsletter subscription

  • When you allow social media sites to provide your data to us

  • When you contact us by telephone or email

  • When completing our enquiry service or leaving us a review

  • When registering and providing details for our design and consultation services via The Expert

  • When you've given a third party permission to share with us the information they hold about you

All personal information that you provide to us must be true, complete and accurate, and you must notify us of any changes to such personal information.

2. How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information collected for a variety of specific processing grounds described below:


  • We use your information to fulfil, handle and manage your orders, payments, returns, and exchanges made through our website.

  • We use your information to respond to your inquiries and solve any potential issues you might have with the use of our services.

  • To keep a record of when and why you contact us and to keep your contact details up to date

  • For statistical, analytical or survey purposes - so we can improve our websites and the services we offer you

  • To deliver and facilitate delivery of services to the user. We may use your information to provide you with a requested service.

3. Why are we allowed to handle and store your personal data?

The following sets out more detailed explanations of the bases we rely on to collect and process your personal data:




If you visit our site and are not an existing customer, we might ask for your consent to process your data, so that we can send you our special offers and news.



Contractual obligations

Our primary use of this basis is when you purchase our products. In this situation it is necessary for us to process your personal data in order to fulfil your order and send your goods to you.


Legal compliance
In some circumstances, we may be legally required to collect and process your data e.g. to pass it on to the police if criminal activity is suspected.


Legitimate interest

It may be necessary to use your data to help us run our business. For example, to action any changes to your account that you request, or to personalise the services we provide with the aim of improving your customer experience. We will only use your data in these instances, where doing so does not materially impact your rights,
freedom or interests.

4. How do we keep your information safe?

It is our duty to protect all personal data gathered and in order to do this we follow our internal data management policies and handle the data with the greatest level of care. We do this by using various security technologies and internal procedures to ensure that it is kept safe and secure at all times.

5. How long do we keep your personal data for?

We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected (subject to any legal requirements). Once it is no longer necessary, we will either delete the data, or anonymise it. The use of anonymised data helps us to optimise our customer service.

6. Who else sees your personal data?

At times, we may need to share your personal data with trusted third parties as part of our services. We will do this in the following circumstances:


  • To process your order e.g., with delivery drivers, or with third party payment service providers 

  • To detect any fraudulent activity, or assist law enforcement authorities

  • To help us offer you a more personalised service by sending you offers and updates when/if applicable

  • In collaboration with third party service providers such as, upholsterers, tradesmen, artists etc.

When we share information with third parties, we will ensure that:


  • We only provide the data they need to perform their specific function

  • They only use the data provided as intended

  • They have the requisite measures in place to protect your data and delete it once the function has been performed, or delete it when we cease working with them

7. What rights do you have over the data we store and how can you ask us to stop storing it?

You have the right to correct any information we store which might be incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date. You can contact us regarding this by emailing:

If we are processing your personal data based on our legitimate interest, you have the right to ask us to stop. We must then do so unless we believe we have a legitimate overriding reason to continue processing your personal data.

Your Questions

If you have any questions about any of the information on our site or any of the terms on this page, please contact us on where we can explain anything you need.

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