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Design Studio

Founded by Alice Gaskell, Bath-based design studio Alice Grace specialises in elegant, timeless designs for private clients within the UK and abroad. The design firm has gathered a worldwide audience due to its quintessentially English style that beautifully bridges the gap between a luxury aesthetic and achievable, warm interiors that are inviting and liveable.

At the heart of Alice Grace lies a commitment to crafting spaces that transcend trends, focusing instead on lasting elegance. This ethos is deeply ingrained in every project alongside an unwavering focus on each client’s individual needs. This dedication is evident within every aspect of the studio's work, from the selection of materials to the choice of furnishings and finishes. The design studio values simplicity alongside the power of colour, pattern, balance and originality. Designs are classic, calm and sophisticated, but often introduce an element of playfulness to give them that important unique touch.

Visit here to book a virtual stand-alone consultation, or for larger project enquiries, please email.  

alice grace
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